Multi-stakeholder Dialog with Oikocredit


Oikocredit MSD

Oikocredit is a cooperative society that offers loans or investment capital for micro-finance institutions, cooperatives and small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries.

Oikocredit has a variety of stakeholders in various areas of its organization: its international governing structure – the supervisory board and the managing board, the network coordinating committee, the members’ council, the works council for Oikocredit staff in the office in the Netherlands and its regional and national support offices in over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Oikocredit approached us to organize and facilitate a 2-day Multi Stakeholder dialog to ensure a successful dialog where members expressed and approached concrete steps towards the future of Oikocredit.


During my time at The Other Potential we commenced individual pre-interviews with participants and the workshops with organizer of the MSD to ensure that the dialogue would be optimal for the participant's expectations allowing us to design the framework and create the optimal tools for delivery.

As the MSD commenced, we facilitated and documented during the days and delivered a graphic and written report of the dialog with recommended next steps towards implementation.

Timeframe: Fall 2016

  • Pre Delivery: 3 days
  • Delivery: 2 days
  • Post Delivery: 2 days


Oikocredit MSD Visual 25-26th November 2016.jpg
  • Documentation and graphic facilitation of the Multi-Stakeholder Dialog
  • A summary report of the key points of the dialogue process
  •  Key action steps towards future strategy