Digital Transformation of WIRED DE


Digital Transformation WIRED DE

WIRED Germany took the decision to work towards new business ventures other than the magazine industry as the market for journalism and media had shifted over the years and WIRED had a niche of being on the digital frontier. Therefore they sought out to transform their business using their strengths within digital. We were called in to help initiate this transformation towards a Consulting and professional learning space.


Our team at The Other Potential supported in the development as an organisation of WIRED Germany and in the creation of Wired Campus & Wired Consulting. Our support ranged from designing internal processes in collaboration with WIRED DE to facilitating, training and designing tailored solutions & workshops what became WIRED Campus & Consulting. We also had the opportunity to connect our speaker network with WIRED resulting in great value for all involved WIRED Campus participants & WIRED Consulting's clients. This ranged from digital acceleration courses to strategic workshops with WIRED’s clients.

Timeframe:Winter 2015 - Summer 2017


WIRED Campus
  • The creation of WIRED Campus & WIRED Consulting
  • 20 different courses varying Master Classes and Skill Training
  • The training was applied directly back into the organisation at workshops and speaker sessions the following weeks.