New & old familiar roles

Today I just started a new position and can call myself the Innovation & Process Manager at Molamil. Don't worry, I'll still be at The Other Potential, just a little less than usual. I was feeling so rusty coming into Molamil and was thrown into the deep end of the pool, as I am going to be facilitating tomorrow morning. The thing that was so nice to feel was that feeling of riding a bike. No matter how long ago it was, it still feels natural. That is the same with facilitation. I knew exactly how and what was needed for this meeting in the morning and had an arsenal of other tools I could use in case something else was needed. That's the thing with facilitation; once you learn it, you will always have it with you. And most likely you will also live through it in your daily life causing positive impacts of change in people.

Stockholm Creative Professionals

I just started a Meet Up group here in Stockholm hoping for some exchange of knowledge and such. You can check it out here: Stockholm Creative Professionals

Got nearly 30 Creative Professionals now so feel free to join or share the group with somebody you think can contribute.


This is a group designed for creative professionals; both for networking and to think out loud. Think tanks and similar events where we can share knowledge and debate will show up in the near future. We all work in the communications industry, whether it is visual, theoretical, or on another level yet we are usually terrible at communicating with each other. Every now and then we work in new teams/pairs but tend to forget this. As long as I do my work and they are satisfied, so am I. Something we take for granted is eventually gonna be cut, cropped, manipulated on the way because we simply do not know what the rest are after. And sure, there is a lot of competition, but who decided that we can't help each other? My goal is to change this way of thinking and hopefully we can share our thoughts and unite as creative individuals.