Ikigai - The reason you get out of bed in the morning


Just recently I stumbled upon the concept of Ikigai, something that felt so familiar yet hadn't been fully visualized for me. In coaching and organizational development, we use words like Mission, Passion, Purpose, and focus on what people feel are good at or feel intrinsically motivated towards. Yet I think we tend to push/lead people in the gray zones of the Ikigai model.

  1.  Satisfaction, but the feeling of uselessness = when we've optimized a process, and given lots of treats to make the employees happy.
  2. Delight and fullness but no wealth = A lot of startups adopting Lean methods without balancing or understanding the rest of the business world.
  3.  Comfortable, but feeling emptiness = really good at something and only motivated by being the best.
  4. Excitement and complacency, but the sense of uncertainty = Lack of proactiveness and self-leadership but filled with a purpose or vision for the company. 

 I find this super exciting to explore, we can, of course, twist perspectives to fit each one of these gray zones, though these are just some of them. I realize that I tend to forget the vocation part of the circle and feel that I really need to explore this zone in my own field. 

What are you neglecting in your being? Are you taking the time you need to work towards your Ikigai?

Signing off for this time.