10 Years on Facebook!

10 Years Facebook

10 Years on Facebook: The time before FB-Chat, likes and the need to post your status updates in the third person. Kris had terrible spiky teenage hair and had no idea all his wall posts would be kept open for friends. 

Social Media platforms have become such an everyday habit for us and I don't think we realize the amount of media we consume or create and what impact it has on our mental health, physical health, relationships, and abilities to learn. 

Don't get me wrong, social medias are amazing and have excelled our abilities to communicate and connect. Though, finding that balance of meaningful relationships with others, our own perspectives of worth and our relationship to information is going in many different directions.

I would like to introduce "Social Media Awareness", just like in mindfulness, the psychological process of bringing one's attention to the experiences occurring in the present moment, you do this by becoming aware through either meditation or other forms of practice. I believe the need of Social Media Awareness is needed to be taught, the psychological process of bringing one's attention to the social media experiences occurring externally and internally in the present moment. What kind of implications does it have on me sitting in front of Facebook for around 1/3 of every working hour? How does it affect my social, physiological, emotional, and spiritual well-being when scrolling through those newsfeeds? Is it causing more distance, stress, and anxiety seeing people's happiness, news filled with fear or puppies noses being booped? Or am I connecting with people on a genuine level and creating new opportunities to share the joy with others? 

It will be exciting to see if any forms of Social Media Awareness arise and if there will be self-help gurus around this soon, maybe there already is, enough banter for today.

Well, cheers to another 10 years of social medias!

- Signing off