What I do!

In short; I help unlock people's superpowers. I'm all about bringing out the fullest potential in every individual, and my work includes elements of coaching, creating learning spaces for teams and developing organizational culture and facilitating workshops, creative sprints, and strategic meetings.

I am a T-shaped talent who is passionate about creating and guiding along the HOW & WHY in organizations.  A big heart, an analytical mind, and a sense of wonder would describe me best. 
I have proven to bring out the fullest potential in people by coaching leaders, developing teams, organizations and leading concept & product development in various roles. I do this with a systemic and proactive approach with influences of playful creativity where I take pride in asking the right questions to motivate a team to create & take ownership of their work process. 
While I am not afraid to ask the questions that hurt, it all comes with the intention of growth. My strength lies in keeping the big picture & goal in mind, yet having an eye for details allows me to connect on empathetic levels and pave the path for development. 

Want to work with me?

I'm big on collaborations and always up for new challenges. So hit me up if you need new ideas, concepts & perspectives, somebody to support your team or workshops that will attempt to alter your business culture. 

Where am I? 

At the moment I'm based in Copenhagen, Denmark doing freelance gigs and looking for a more permanent organization to work with.

I have worked with Kris on several projects at Hyper Island, and I would work on more if possible. Kris is extremely knowledgable on many areas and very curious which makes him great to work with. He is open-minded, listens and always seek to understand the people to create better teams, projects and processes. I would recommend him any day.
— Helene Schalck